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Honda Repair at R&M Automotive of Denham Springs Inc.

When it comes to Honda repair, our mechanics are aware some 1982 Honda Accords suffered repeated alternator and battery failures due to a melted plastic 6-wire connector in the charging circuit wiring harness. The original charging circuit wiring did not have wire of sufficient diameter to handle the maximum current of the alternator under repeated high charging demands, so the alternator often needed to be replaced. Past experience with such problems has helped us become more knowledgeable about Hondas, in order to offer more knowledge to our customers in regards to their vehicles.

In addition, R&M Automotive of Denham Springs, Inc. knows that the Honda Accord and Honda Odyssey are two models that have previously had a good deal of transmission issues, such as seen in the Honda Accord recall in 2004. Some Honda owners still experience these issues. A common issue is in shifting between 2nd and 3rd gear or from 3rd gear to neutral. In some cases, the gears break completely. Other problems include high RPM without thrust and motion similar to neutral gear, even when the car is in “park”.

One of our Honda repair team specialists can help diagnose the potential cause of a Honda problem, such as overheating or deficiencies in synchronizers, and provide a solution.